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Dr. Steve Edelman is a leading diabetes expert and endocrinologist who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 15.  He has developed an approach to insulin therapy known as the “untethered insulin regimen.” This approach is based on using both an insulin pump and long-acting insulin (also known as basal insulin) in a way that allows the diabetic to ‘untether’ from his or her insulin pump with greater regularity.

The untethered regimen is a technique combining the use of an insulin pump with a slow-acting insulin analog such as Lantus or Levemir. This allows an insulin dependent person to disconnect the pump when desired while maintaining the flexible benefits that the insulin pump can provide.

Dr. Edelman’s approach is based on the idea that traditional insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems can be cumbersome and restrictive, especially for active people. His untethered insulin regimen aims to provide a more discreet and flexible way to manage diabetes, allowing people to be more active and less self-conscious about their diabetes management.

Dr. Edelman’s approach also emphasizes the importance of education and self-management, encouraging people with diabetes to take an active role in managing their condition. This approach requires a high level of self-management and education, so it’s not suitable for everyone, but it can be beneficial for people who are looking for more freedom and flexibility in their insulin therapy.

The untethered regimen is great for adults and children who are very active and enjoy sporting activities.  With this approach, diabetics can feel more protected when removing their insulin pumps for extended periods of time.  The long-lasting insulin provides that protection when untethered.

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