Hi! Am the one in the family who was diagnosed with type one diabetes, am going to talk about some tips I have learned thought the year!

Now, my first tip is helped so much, try to dose 10-15 minutes earlier, it helps the insulin get in the blood stream.

Time for tip two! Try to breath out when doing injections.

Tip 3, when you start a CGM (Continues Glucose Monitor like Dexcom, Libre, or whatever you are using), try to do a finger prick.

Tip 4, don’t stress about the injections, the more you work yourself up about them the more they’ll hurt.

Tip 5, Try to put you infusion site in different places, not on top of each other, and also when you remove a CGM or infusion site I think that putting some hydrogen peroxide over the wound.

Tip 6,  if you are not on insulin then exercise help bring blood sugar down.

Tip 7, drink a lot of water! think about this, you’re blood is like lemonade with way to much sugar, so water can help you dilute you’re blood.

Tip 8, try to eat meals around the same time each day.

Tip 9, the Cookie Monster, Willy Wonka, and Winnie the Pooh, are bad role moles for diabetics 😊.  I hope that this helps, and remeber theses are all subjective. But I hope you have a good day and this helps.